Tuesday, April 5, 2016

No More Bass Orders :-(

Effective immediately I am no longer taking orders for basses.  I apologize to those potential customers out there that were hoping to place an order soon, but my time has become so impacted with staying on top of the pickup company and developing new products that it's just not feasible for me to keep taking orders.  At the rate I'm building now I have enough orders for another year and I have no desire at all to make that even longer.

I will still build instruments and make them available for sale upon completion but it will be at a very slow pace.  And with the little time I have in the woodshop I intend to see what kind of crazy instruments emerge.  Hopefully covering a bass in copper foil is just the beginning of a whole new creative streak for me.

This was a very hard decision to make, but something had to give and this is it.  To all of my bass customers over the last 12 plus years THANK YOU!!  Your support and enthusiasm has meant the world to me.

Onward and upward!!

Best Regards,


  1. I am thankful and appreciative of you my friend. Thanks for everything. ~Pazera

  2. You are so multi-talented, just not enough hours or energy available - perhaps a "Nordstrand designed" line.

  3. Wow. Sorry to hear that. Continued success with your awesome pickup line. I'm sure the very limited number of basses you built will be just as awesome and the copper killer.

  4. I'm glad I already have one of your wonderful basses. I've been through some financial hardship over the past five years,and have considered selling some of my gear, but I will never sell my SC5.

  5. Just glad you are still making pickups!!!