Friday, June 8, 2012

Write something!

Write something!!


I'll be moving to a new rental home next weekend.  This has rather consumed me over the last few weeks.  Mentally more than physically so far.  So there hasn't been much time or energy to consider  this space.

That doesn't mean there hasn't been creativity.  Mike Cooper came in to the studio again last week and we tracked some more vocals for My Love Is Alive.  I think it's going to be killer when it's done.  Still have to track drums, which is a bit intimidating and is kinda putting me off.  Seems like too big a hill to climb and it's going to be a big time commitment.  I haven't felt the motivation to tackle all that stuff yet.  But It's coming.

I also bought a used Tanac winder that will be primarily for product development.

It's kind of a funny thing because this machine doesn't have a tail stock yet so I can't really use it.  So it's more about frustrating creativity than enabling it.  Ah well.  I was spending a bit of energy trying to figure out how to cobble together a tail stock attachment for cheap.  That may be a place where creative energy will pay off.  I'm letting it ferment for now.

In other news, we put our name on the front door.

I think it looks pretty cool.  And it feels pretty official.

Then I thought, lets take that little red sticker and make some more.  I'll put one on my car!!

So now we're working on getting our swag going.  We want to have stickers, shirts, hats, beer glasses, grilling tools, bottle openers, etc.  Lots of cool stuff.  I'll be sure to announce here when everything is on line and available.  

And now I'm going to go help Maurilio learn how to make his own basses from the design phase through woodworking to completion.  Should be interesting.  Then maybe I'll indulge in writing and recording some music...