Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Creatively Resurrected

I'm back.  It's been a long time.  I've been contemplating my relationship to this space for a while.  There has been a lot of "should" in mind as I think about what to do here.  I didn't want to abandon this for good, but at the same time I simply felt completely unmotivated to be here and do this.

Why?  Good question.  And one that has also been in my mind sharing space with the "shoulds".

It's not like I haven't been creative.  Anything but.  Over the last several months I have done the following:

1)  Designed and built a new bass from the ground up.  It's the headless NJ5HL.

2)  Built a stock vP5 with really cool acrylic and stone composite blocks.  I got inspired by the color of the block material to make the bass black and use an anodized gold guard.  And then I even had Devin make some matching knobs.  This bass turned out fantastically good.

3)  Finished the Shush Puppies, my hum canceling strat pickups.  These things sound fantastic and they have none of the hum that single coils suffer from.  Now we're just waiting for some custom covers so we can unleash them on the world in the most presentable fashion possible.

4)  Built a guitar for Hershel Yatovitz (almost - it's waiting on a pick guard).  He plays for Chris Isaak.  This thing has been a labor of love.  We came up with a unique paisley pearl finish.  It's getting Shush Puppies.  It's got a pretty neat weight reduced body.  Hersh is super excited about it, as am I.  Can't wait to get it finished and deliver it to him.

5)  I could go on and on.  

In search of pics for this post I looked back through my facebook upload gallery and I was almost shocked.  There's a ton of creative stuff in there.  Everything from grilling tools to unusual foods to guitars, basses, and bonsai.  Even costumes for Halloween.

So I move forward with curiosity about my relationship to this space and sharing my creative pursuits, which are abundant.  I do share things a LOT on FB, but it's typically a pic and a quick comment.  So maybe this feels redundant.  But I think the value here may come in the reflection about and presentation of creative pursuits.  

To write about something requires attention and organization.  And commitment.  And that's always been a sticky bit for me.  

I do realize how amazingly lucky I am to have the time and space to do all this crazy stuff.  I am grateful.  And I LOVE all of it.  I hope that shows.

I'll end by saying I should be back soon.  But then again, I may not.  Please don't take that personally.  :-)  I'm learning something here.